benjamin rush foundation

The mission of the Benjamin Rush Foundation, Inc. is to support through educational activities the concept of individual liberty in the arena of health care reform.  We adhere to the belief that all future health care reforms must take into account the participation of the individual foremost in these often life altering decisions.

Today, some who see the health care systems of Canada and Cuba as models, seek to stealthily impose upon Americans albeit federally or state by state, a one-size-fits all mandatory health care dictatorship.  Under the guise of “universal coverage,” some would have a system that forces everyone into a single plan – which precludes the right of a person to seek or purchase without impunity, health care services outside of that system.

The ability to be in control of our health and health care is fundamental to a society that believes in freedom.  That a nameless, faceless, and blameless bureaucrat could be empowered to make our health care choice for us, be able to decide what kind of care we will be allowed to receive, to determine whether we are worth care at all is unthinkable in a free society.